Good Lovin
2... 3...
       D     G   A  G
Good lovin'
       D     G   A  G
Good lovin'
       D     G   A  G
Good lovin'

D5 G5 A5 G5 D5 G5 A5 G5

&Red:VERSE 1:
      D      G A G      D G A G
I was feelin'    so bad
D G     A      G           D   G A
      I asked my family doctor just what I had
G        D        G        A
I said "Doctor" (Doctor)
G          D G      A
Mister M.D. (Doctor)
G           D      G A G             D  G A      G
Now can you tell me    what's ailing me? (Doctor)
He said...

D    G    D    G    D
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
 D    G    D    G    D
(Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)
      E           A
Yes indeed, all I need
         D       G          A         G
(Is good lovin') Gimme that good good lovin'
      D       G     A       G
(Good lovin') All I need is lovin'
      D       G A           G
(Good lovin')   Good lovin' baby.


&Red:VERSE 2:

Baby please, squeeze me tight (Squeeze me tight)
Don't you want your baby to fell alright? (Feel alright)
I said baby (baby)
Now it's for sure (it's for sure)
I've got the fever, yeah, you've got the cure (got the cure)
Now everybody...



Good lovin' 7X, then D E A -


D5 G5 A5 G5 D5 G5 A5 G5 D5 G5 A5 G5 D5